Hye Blogger,

I don't exactly know where I should start..
But Cikgu told me, we have to introduce our self..
NO Hidden here..NO Secret here..

Actually, to be honest we still lack of confidence.. 
But yet, we're trying our best..
Hope Cikgu will not give-up on us..
So do you.. ;-)

Hubby and Me,
Decided to set-up an online business..
I knew very well hubby love this kind of Biz..
Without telling me.. ;-)

But we're not pretty sure what to sell..
After a lots of discussion ( arguements )..
We made our mind to start with this..

As a Start or for Starting..
Anything Harrods sell in their store in London..
We also will try our best to sell it..
Meaning to say, we will order from Harrods..
Then post to you..
You and You , Yes You also..

Hubby, did told me or more to remind me..
" Doesn't it Expensive..?? "

My Answer is Simple..
" Authentic things and stuffs, 
of course expensive..
But if the customer Satisfy with the Quality,
They will come back.. "

Our Main Target,
To sell to our Beloved Customer,
Authentic things and Stuffs direct from London..
As We Will Buy It from Harrods..

Hope we can cater your needed,
And all of you will satisfy with our services..

As we are NEW in this Industry,
We will try from time to time to improve our services..
Give us Feedback, 
so we know where we stand..

Thanks For Stay with Us..!!!
Thanks for Believe in Us..!!!
Thanks for Supporting Us..!!!
We Appreciated It..!!!

We Can Be Reached thru Our Others Social Network:

Name @ Nickname:
Via Harrods

Do add us Lovers ;-)

Hubby and Me
( Solemnization ~ 11.01.2013 )

Hope Cikgu will not give-up on us.. ;-)

[ Mind my language , may be not all are correct grammatically, Ngeee.. ;-) ]

P/s: I'll do the BM version if you ask for it.. :)

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